Healed of Trigeminal Neuralgia (TN) - An "Incurable" Nerve Disease

In December of 2015, I was diagnosed with TN which is a very rare and incurable nerve disease in the trigeminal nerve which is in the brain and down the side of your face. This disease is also referred to as the “suicide disease” as there is no cure and doctor’s refer to it as “the most painful medical condition know to medical science” – that is a big statement and yes, the pain was that bad! I was building up a tolerance quickly to the only medication known to help the pain, and once that medication is no longer helpful, there would have been nothing to stop the pain that is constant and immense. I put my trust and my faith in Jesus to heal me, and on Christmas day, He did – but the story and the journey is even more amazing then that! Watch the video to hear the details of my journey of faith to believe that God could and would heal me!